The sari supports the livelihood of a million weavers, printers, dyers and more contemporary aspiration and the forces of globalization offer an energizing challenge.


The Sari School has been set up since 2009 to promote the usage, understanding, survival & recreation of the unstitched garment. It is an educational initiative to celebrate the unstitched garment

A comprehensive 2 or 3 hour course organized by appointment on every Saturday from 2.30pm to 5:30pm


The course includes:

  • A 30 minute introductory audio visual.

  • An introduction to regional variations in wearing style: North/South/East/West.

  • Materials, spinning & weaving techniques.

  • A minimum of 4 select wearing styles from 108 available are taught in practice in every session representing the regional variations.

At least 5 members per group

The Sari Dance Theatre


The SARI Dance Theatre was developed as a 1 hour 15 minutes dance show that can travel to cities in India or abroad in order to support & promote the production & sale of the finest handloom textiles. This theatre performance will be accompanied by a foyer exhibition & sale as well as morning workshops on the ingenuity of the sari as an unstitched garment based on the 108 wearing styles presented in the last volume “Saris- Tradition & Beyond” on the saris of 14 states. 


With Daksha Sheth as choreographer & Devissaro as music composure & director the story unfolds from the cotton seed to the entire gamut of its transformation through cleaning, combing, carding, spinning to the actual weaving into this wondrous unstitched garment. Culminating in its transformation from a two dimensional woven fabric to a three dimensional draped garment in accordance with select wearing styles. The culminating segment is the reinvention of the sari in design and wearing style for the young of today. The music reflects too provides hints of origin to free itself for the contemporary.