After the initial exhibition titled ‘Khadi – The fabric of freedom’ in 2002-2003, the original sponsors Volkart Foundation on the recommendation of Martand Singh handed over the exhibition for its promotion & development of fabrics to Rta Kapur Chishti & her team including Rahul Jain & Pallavi Verma.



Taanbaan label was initiated in 2010 to support and sustain hand spinning and hand-weaving of organically cultivated indigenous cotton and silks.


The Taanbaan range includes saris, dupattas, scarves and home furnishings distinguished by their unique texture, a contemporary rendering of traditional skills.​

Taanbaan aims to continue the revival and regeneration of the ancient Indian craft of hand spinning and hand weaving.​


Taanbaan was initiated by RTA KAPUR CHISHTI, who is a recognized textile scholar, co-author and editor of the ‘Saris of India’ volumes on the previously published ‘Saris of India’ volumes on Madhya Pradesh, Bihar & West Bengal as well as ‘Handcrafted Indian Textiles -Tradition and Beyond’. She has been a contributing author to several other publications. As a writer and translator, she has written of the life and work of craftsmen and scripted for films and exhibitions. She has been consistently involved with research and development of handspun-handloom textiles. She is founder of the “Sari School” which produces saris & organizes workshops & private classes for those who wish to learn the wonders of this unstitched garment & make it more relevant to their lives today

Creative:- Pallavi Verma, a textile graduate from Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi has been working as a designer with Rta Kapur Chishti for the past 9 years. She has also assisted in the compilation of the final compendium volume titled 'Saris - Tradition and Beyond'.


She has also been trained in design and pattern making of garments from NIFT and LCF London.